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15 Great tips for newbies with first gig


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  1. Create an attractive and good gig with high quality picture/video and good description. Avoid copying other seller gigs or gig description. Be creative.

  2. Working too hard to provide excellent service to make your buyers happy and satisfied.

  3. Professional and excellent communication skills with buyer.

  4. You must be polite and honest.

  5. If you made mistake say sorry.

  6. If you’re going to be late delivering your work give a brief explanation of the problem and when you can deliver.

  7. Develops trust and a good rapport.

  8. Over-delivery.

  9. Deliver fast.

  10. Get that first positive feedback.

  11. When sending massages use proper grammar and spelling.

  12. Send a sample of my service if they requested.

  13. It is good to have a great blog/web site which clearly mention about services. Advertise your gig as much as possible, on Social network like Twitter, Facebook and websites. Use free forums to get traffic and sales.

  14. Don’t go beyond to get you orders on Fiverr’s system. Do not share any contact information.

  15. Contact fiverr costumer Service when you need more helps.

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