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Fiverr.com unexpectedly dropped the connection - please try again in a few minutes


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I hate this junk…for the last two days we have been receiving a similar error message when ever we tried to access fiverr. I had used different computers, changed all my network settings and even attempted access through proxy servers. I trace the connection issue to a server in Houston, core3.dfw1.rackspace.net, however there was nothing that I could do about it. When asking other on different forums and checking sites like “isitdown”, everyone seemed to be able to access fiverr except for us (or anyone else being routed through the same server).

We have been on fiverr for about 5 months now and have not experienced connection issues like this before. I know the connection issue was not fiverr’s fault, but we ended up with about 7 late deliveries because of this!

We couldn’t access fiverr, nor the forums during that time, but any other site was able to be brought up, i.e. google, facebook, youtube, etc. The leads me to believe that this was not my ISP’s issue either.

The worst part was that people were still able to contact us through fiverr sending us email notifications, but we could not respond! We kept getting messages asking “is it done yet?” and “where’s the files?”. I’m sure all of our buyers think we flaked out and ignored them, but hopefully they will understand the issue.

We have had only 3 mutual cancellations and 1 late delivery in our 5 months here and now we racked up 7 more late deliveries in a matter of days! Argh!

Oh well…just had to tell someone. Thanks for listening. 🙂



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