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Just posted my first fiverr and need an opinion


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Was just wondering what you think my turn out would look like and if you think its marketable.

I have worked in the past on a free/low cost project management site for a few organizations and its really awesome and near limitless. It can do everything from SM marketing campaign creation, back office communication, collaboration, project management…I ever designed one that would function as a complete restaurant back office solution. I’m offering the set up for it, which in all honestly is relatively easy if you know how to use it. I’m thinking, after some verification, that I could offer more in depth services for it (custom applications, tutorial videos on use, etc). The cost for the site, which I have no affiliation with, is free to a certain amount of users and then $9 a month after that number. You just have to sign up which I would take care of also.

Do you think that

A) It’s a decent idea

B) Have you ever seen anyone else offering this because I looked and didnt



PS-here is the fiverr link, opinions MORE than welcome http://fiverr.com/restsolutions/customize-a-management-website-for-your-companyrestaurant

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Thanks for the input. I honestly wasn’t thinking when it came to the image, I’ll take it down until I get something more personal anyway. It was making me put up a picture and I just needed a placeholder until I had one. Sadly, the only pictures I have are of my and my husband at either our wedding, disney or cooking lol. I’ll find something now and change it.

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