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So the thumbnails don't show our # of ratings in Chrome & the Ratings filter isn't accurate at all


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Beware Google Chrome sellers, now they aren’t showing how many ratings we have in the thumbnails on any page. How long will this go on? What would have set you apart from other sellers, now you are at an even playing field as buyers can’t see how many more ratings you have compared to a less qualified seller. Apparently this is just in the Google Chrome browser as IE is still showing.

Also, the “Ratings” filter really isn’t accurate at all. There are sellers with only a 95-98% rating placed higher in the filter than those with 100%!! How much sense does this make? Absolutely None. Ratings should be just that, Rated by Rating. One seller in my subcat actually has 4 negatives and 97% for failure to deliver on time and is still placed in front of me who has 10x more completed gigs at 100%. The worst part is he is still a top-rated seller after that too. Lol.

I haven’t posted on the forum in awhile, but this is just ridiculous.

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