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How To Effectively Promote Your Gig


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Fiverr is really a world changer and an interesting tool to use, however one major challenge which i believe most sellers encounter is identifying a centralized platform with a ready list of buyers through which sellers can be guaranteed to get at least one order.

The current scenario we have is a large number of inexperienced sellers offering to promote gigs, but i find this ineffective as its usually a case of probability with no guaranteed orders.

However i have been researching on a model for a year now which provides positive results and which I feel can work if there’s a central gamified model integrated into fiverr that creates opportunities for 3 types of users;

  • Gig Markerters whose sole responsibility is to market posted gigs and earn on commission per gig ordered
  • Buyers outbid each other to order gigs from sellers based on points which they earn and can be converted to cash
  • Sellers solely focus on creating value for orders instead of having to do all the rigorous trial and error marketing

    A classic example can be seen in twitter, Big corporations utilize Ad agencies to market their campaigns and these campaigns usually take the form of paid marketing where ordinary followers can earn cash by ‘tweet marketing’ the campaign of these large corporations.

    This is a tested model that works as i run a pilot over twitter and i feel its more effective and makes sellers focus on their core responsibility of creating value.
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Well, its exactly what i have been talking about;we end up doing the marketing ourselves; i feel its smarter if the marketing is outsourced so sellers can focus.

This process reduces the cost involved and makes sellers provide the best service even at $5

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