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Helpful hacks episode 1 - 100 GB Google Drive storage!

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Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to start a series on forum regarding helpful hacks which will help sellers. In this episode, I’m going to tell about a secret to get 100 GB of Google drive storage for free!

Disclaimer - This thread is to help sellers to teach them to get some extra storage to make delivery process convenient. It doesn’t promote Google by any means!

So you do regular deliveries through Google drive and are out of that 15 GB storage and can’t afford paid subscription? Well follow this steps, it’s 100% legal.

Step - 1

Sign in to “Google maps” app (Yes Google maps) from your android or iphone.

Step - 2

Start reviewing places you’ve visited, add photos to interesting places you visited, add missing places on map, answer questions and do whatever you can to contribute to maps.

Step - 3

Doing this will increase your points and you’ll level up. Do it until you reach level 4 and you’ll receive a mail by Google congratulating you.

Step -4

Now go to local guides page on Google maps website and sign in. Bam! You’ll see your reward there which is 100 GB free Google drive storage. If you don’t receive this reward and got something else as reward then worry not. Use this one and you’ll probably get it next month. Believe me there rewards are pretty awesome. Also reaching level won’t take you much time. Probably less than a week.

Thanks for reading. If you have further queries then do let me know.

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I’m a local guide on Google and you also get access to other things like money off on Google Play, early access to new apps - and it’s not much effort. This is a great tip, thanks!

Yeah I got 3 months free subscription to “Google play music” and 75% off on first purchase on movies.

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