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An advanced seller strategy that some sellers can use. [ARCHIVED]


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So, as some of you know, I have a “Publicity” gig. And, about every 27 to 35 I sell for $5 or more, I get a big upsell gig for $95 to $145 to write the media release.

Well, sometimes, and today was an example. I got two orders, which I WISHED had come in last month.

So what I have is a “forward planning calendar” and I put down their user name and website on my calendar for next year.

For example, today I had both a PAIN CLINIC and a MEMORY GAME APP gig.

BUT, SEPTEMBER is both Chronic Pain Awareness Month, as well as, Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. These special moths would be ideal for getting publicity for both of these vendors.

So in August of 2013, I have a tickler that will pop up to say … "Contact this buyer on Fiverr. If their account is gone, contact them on their website and encourage them to sign up on fiverr for publicity."

I’ll be able to give feedback on this strategy in a few months as I have some people forward planned from sales in June for Februrary. But I think with this kind of follow up and attention I think I’ll sell about 1 out of 12 people I contact.

How can YOU use forward planning?

Do you do birthday gigs? Shouldn’t you keep your clients birthdays and their friends in a forward planner?

Do you notice people tell you thinks about important dates? Heck, those of you who do design, can always reach out to me and tell me the businesses of some of your clients and we can do some referrals strategies, if I sell a gig to them (that is, if you present it and they buy) I’ll give you half of my commission after fiverr costs.

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Guest tn5rr2012

That is great advise and what I am going to do is set up alerts in regards to genealogy, civil war anniversaries and the airing of the ancestry TV shows

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