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I need ideas for my Gig Extras!


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Maybe you already include this, but perhaps some buyers would be interested if you specifically said that you would view the new webpage on every common browser and OS combination, including a report that said that all links, scalable images, flash videos, etc. were working.

Also test on all viewing platforms, including desktops, iPads, Andoid tablets, cell phones, etc.

How about load times? That varies, but if something looks far out of the normal range you might note that too.

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Well, how about adding a few on-page tips, HTML improvements, crawl errors and so on.

It of course depend on your skills what you are good at. As I can see, you are a programmer, then why not add something related to programming, coding and other things.

Being your customer, I’ll love to get something helpful for my business, something that will help me increase sales, increase traffic and of course something that will go into my pocket as profit. So if you want me to buy your extras, I’ll look for something that anyhow increases my profit.

Think from your customer’s perspective. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and then think for adding new extras.

And finally, how about asking your clients (both current and old ones that you have dealt with on Fiverr) that what they would like to get more from you.

Thanks and I hope it will work.


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