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Sellers please read Buyers request


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I have noticed that, despite their skills, Sellers ask for a detailed request, but don’t read it, or take the time to make sure they understand it. I know there are language barriers.

If I say I want a simple illustration in black only, I am really frustrated to see the illustration returned to me in 2 or 4 colors. Then I have to ask for a modification and ONLY because the seller didn’t read my instructions.

Is there a policy about modifications requested simply because the seller didn’t do what was asked? I assume that if the seller doesn’t understand, they can ask for clarification before doing the work, right?

Thank you. I really appreciate the Sellers, a lot really.

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Well, sorry to hear it.

The thing is if you are not getting what you want or for what you have been promised, you can always ask for modifications.

And if you are not satisfied with the modifications, you can always contact customer support for resolution of the issue. You can get your money back - not a problem.

But, I’ll suggest having it solved with mutual understanding with the seller.

Anyways, I hope you dont have to buy from any such seller ever that just dont bother buyer needs.

All the best.


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