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How It feels when you get near about 10 Orders in very first month

Guest sohailkhan

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Guest sohailkhan

It was not some extraordinary day when I signed up for the Fiverr.I just hear about on another website and thought of joining this site.When I created my first Gig,I was not hoping any order…When next day i logged in to Fiverr I was amazed to see that my Gig (It was about facebook Promotion) was viewed by 300+ people and at that very afternoon I received my first Order on Fiverr…It was amazing…I completed that order with much excitedness…this order made me realize that "Fiverr is the place I was finding’…Now its about month since I joined this website and I have received 10 order…I have earned 24 Dollars and withdrew 16$ and other 8$ are coming faster for clearance…and soon I will hit the PayPal button again…

I love Fiverr…and You =(( =(( =((

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