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So I’m a guitarist and originally thought fiverr would be a waste of time. Within the 1st week I had over 20 orders

off of one gig. Most of them came from return customers who were very happy with the material I gave and delivered quickly. Even if the customer can be a little testy, be patient and continue to provide great service with a smile.

It’s been 2 months and soon I’ll be able to pay for a vacation for me and the wife. Thanks Fiverr!

Remember to use your talents and follow your passion. The money will come when you pursue, persist and have patience.

Sheriff’s Note: This thread has been moved to “My Fiverr Stories”

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I agree totally! My rapping gig has taken off spectacularly. I am really making money on the extras. Hope it picks up more and doesn’t slow down. Plus, I’m getting to practice my writing, and audio editing and mixing skills.

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