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Are any other sellers having problems with the Rejection feature?


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Since this feature has come into play, I have had a lot of buyers rejecting the work, for me to make modifications that weren’t in their brief in the first place. I’m very clear in my description that buyers should make their briefs as complete as possible and that I charge for big modifications (Revision). But since rejection has been an option, I have no longer control of this, and I find that doing exactly what the buyer asked, still has them reject the order. I now spend double the amount of time doing things and get paid (less for it) and later, I never had this problem before, and I feel it’s very unfair for sellers as it protects the buyers so much more.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

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I’ve had buyers reject things. I usually offer one revision as long as there isn’t a change in instructions. If there is, I will send it back to them requesting that they purchase another gig to cover the change in instructions as my gig description states. If the changes are minor, I’ll usually do them as a goodwill gesture and then make it clear that they’re to purchase another gig if there is something else wrong that isn’t my fault (ie. they’ve changed their mind again).

So far, I’ve had one negative feedback left with no information at all–just a thumbs down. I put my own side of the story in detail as a reply to it and I’ve not had a drop in orders. I was level 2 at the time and was promoted a couple of weeks after that incident.

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I have found that the main reason for rejected orders is the communication barrier and on occasion a disgruntled buyer. I’ve had buyers request me to modify an order simply because they didn’t like a particular color 10 times. Each time I modified the order and submitted it with a message:

"Hello buyer,

I as requested I have resubmitted your oder with the required changes for your viewing and approval. Please let me know if the design is acceptable.

Thank you :-)"

With this response I have always been able to work with then until they’ve made up their mind.

What we need to understand is; Fiverr service is similar to a buyer waking into a store “Fiverr” and each Seller is the Owner. Our services are done to order and sometimes the buyer may have a change of heart to the specific design he/she may have initially wanted. It is our sole duty to make EVERY possible change and modification to that buyer’s order to ensure they leave the store satisfied which many at times may involve a free trinket(bonus item) upon completion to ensure they return.

Whilst this method of giving away something free for a return customer is not 100% guaranteed we must also bear in mind that selling is a numbers game and the formula of GREAT customer service is the only one that will guarantee or success here on this great platform.

Just my 2 Cents on this guys.

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