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Voiceover artists - fees


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If you are a half-way decent voice over artist, you should be charging way over $5 as a basic minimum of around 125 words. I can kind of understand charging a fee of $5 for reading a kids birthday greeting as barney the dinosaur or sending Dad a happy father’s day message but any voice over related to any kind of business venture should involve more realistic pricing structures. As professional voice artists, we are up against people charging as little as $5 for up to 125 words etc. This is blatantly undermining the industry and if you are doing it, please know that you are hurting the business internationally and shooting everyone – including yourselves – in the foot. Yes I know this is called Fiverr… so you can offer upgrades or short add-ons for $5, but not whole commercially related voice overs for distribution! Personally I don’t see how it can be worth anybody’s time to go and sit behind the mic for a full length V/O, edit and upload it for $5! There are ways to create – albeit already lower than standard industry rates – customized budgets according to your skill and experience. I have over 20 years’ experience working internationally and source work independently of this platform so it is worrying to see how people are undercutting the industry with such low fees. And as a rule, I treat any gig booked in relation to any kind of business as commercial use. The only things excluded are private messages to Dad or Mom or student projects. Any commercial or business use immediately includes a $25 commercial use fee and the word count determines the rest. I only offer itemized upgrades for $5 . There are other platforms in the industry getting concerned and annoyed at this undercutting but it is down to the artists to decide whether they want the bar to be set this low, or to use this platform to the benefit of everyone in the industry and re-examine the way they package their pricing.

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