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Stop selling because summer time?


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Hi Fiverr friends.

Since I started selling (Two month ago aproximately) Everything was going great, but all of the sudden
5 days ago, I´m not seeling nothing. I know there are discussions about this, but i readed that some sellers
had less sales, but zero ? Absolutly nothing (Only some orders from my clients)

But not new sellers, not even asking me for the gig, or telling me about their projects. Zero.

Nobody sends me a message. Nothing.
Is like I´m in the Twlight Zone ☺️

I understand less sales, but zero ? nobody knoking my door? nothing at all during 5 days?

Isn´t that strange ?
Maybe because is summer time ?

Thank you for your answers.
Best wishes

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Hello miquelinet1,

if you go through the topics you can see that this question was mentioned many times. I can’t point you where exactly to go (since I am typing from the phone), if you search you will see that many people asked

Thank you purplicious !

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