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Affiliate and Ideas Selling to Buyers


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Am very happy when Fiverr can integreted Affiliates and Idea Selling secure and trustable over Fiverr. Ideas like Platforms, Softwares and things like this. Am search Affiliates to pay them allways when the Course is really successfully sell over the personal Affiliate Link. So am need Fiverr Help. Fiverr can connect this new section Affiliate with a good fee model. Am think the Affiliate can pay it, for example 1 USD, when the connection goes on. So Fiverr can go in corporation with Udemy and Skillshare for example so the Platform Fiverr can earn and have a great corportaion with Udemy and Skillshare to get more income for Videocourse Seller and the Affiliates. Am need Affiliates for my Courses but is really dificult to find many different Affiliates from the different Citys. So am think Fiverr can help me. Also am have some few great Ideas for Startups but am like 100 or better 1.000 USD per Idea, for the Idea and helping littelbit that am make the new Product visitible to Customer per Socialmedia and Videocourses, so the Startup get not only the great Idea(s).

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