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Fiverr Dashboard Issue


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This is so unacceptable! 😣 6 orders were badly late until a buyer asked what is taking so long and I noticed that the order is not even listed in the to-do list. After taking a look in my mail, I noticed there’s 3 late delivery messages total and after taking a look at the selling tab, there were 3 more there that should already have been delivered.

It’s not the first time it has happened either. What is the procedure if an invisible order is cancelled due to not noticing it? Is there seller protection in place?

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There is a pinned post, you can continue conversation there 🙂
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New orders not going to dashboard!

Is anyone else having this issue? I've been getting new orders all day which I get a notification for, but they are not getting added to my dashboard. Only if I go to "Sales" can I see them, which is not good as I need to know the countdown! ? anyone...

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