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Frustrated with Resolve Now link and delivery times


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I’m a current Fiverr Seller and am extremely frustrated with a Fiverr Resolve Now policy that has hurt me twice in the last month.

I have a proofreading gig where I offer different price points, but my basic gig is 1,000 words for $5 within 24 hours, up to 2,000 words. If the order exceeds 2,000 words, then it requires an additional delivery day.

For my first issue, a Buyer purchased my gig but failed to count the words in his document, so while the dollar amount paid was correct, it required 2 days instead of 1 day to complete the order. I disputed the order with the Buyer by clicking the “Resolve Now” link and asking the Buyer to extend the order for an additional day. The Buyer agreed, but it took him nearly 3 days to agree which means that even after he did, my delivery was still late by 1 day because the order clock didn’t stop when I disputed the order and then restart when the Buyer accepted/rejected my suggested resolution.

For my second issue, a Buyer purchased 3 basic gigs instead of counting the words in the 3 documents the Buyer wanted me to proofread. When I counted the words, there were more than 3,700, which means the Buyer should have ordered 4 gigs and I should have had 2 days to deliver the order. Again, I disputed the order with the Buyer by clicking the “Resolve Now” link and asking the Buyer to extend the order for an additional day and to purchase the additional gig. And once again, the clock failed to stop when I disputed the order. It’s been 2 days since I disputed the order, which means regardless of whether the Buyer chooses to accept/reject my resolution, the delivery will still be late.

Given these scenarios, my only options are to either 1) complete the work during the dispute period and then hope that the Buyer does the right thing and accepts my resolution (otherwise I will have completed the work for nothing because I will have wasted my time without getting paid); or, 2) wait for the Buyer to respond and just accept that my delivery will be late and my gig analytics damaged if the Buyer doesn’t respond timely; or, 3) cancel the order every time with an explanation to the Buyer that I can’t provide an alternative resolution without hurting my analytics - but then that too hurts my analytics. Any way I look at it, this change is not very Seller-friendly. It makes no sense why the order clock doesn’t stop when an order is disputed and then restarted when the dispute is resolved.

Frustrated Seller

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