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NEW - Skip the Gig Requirements


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Creating a Gig can come with a lot of steps. This is to ensure that both buyer and seller have good understanding of what the Gig deliverables are. Sometimes, when creating a Gig, parties may find that the Gig requirements are unnecessary, since the seller already has all the information they need to start working. For instance, in cases in which the buyer and seller already talked and agreed on all the details.

We’ve added in an option to “skip requirements”. When sending an offer, sellers can now turn-off the Gig requirements for that offer. Also, when an order is in status “Incomplete” (waiting for the buyer to fill the requirements), sellers can now decide to skip the requirements step and start the order on their own.

With new features, comes new rules. If you option to skip the Gig requirements stage, that means that the order countdown will begin immediately. So be confident that you’re ready to start work and have all the information you need to deliver.

As always, let us know if you have questions below in comments. Or if you’ve used this feature already and have feedback.


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Used and loved it.

After going back and forth for a custom order, I already have their voice over script, I’ve already discussed all the details, having them upload the script again isn’t always helpful.

I love that it’s optional. If I have everything, we are a go as soon as they accept, and that is easier for clients. I’m super happy about this option.

Excellent update.

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