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Anyone!? Tips, tricks? Help!


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Well… Is there anyone who started with the wrong foot still have requests here and there? Maybe some of you know… I posted my “trouble” like a month ago and… yeah, nothing changed. Long story short: I had my first sell some weeks ago and my buyer didnt actually said something about what he needs or wants me to change or whatever. I had to ask him about the delivery if its ok and stuff and he said, yes, it is. He accepted it with no problems or saying that needs something different or whatever… but he still gave me a 3.4 rating, which we all know that’s not a good one… because now I need to have at least 90% positive rating to be able to send quotes.
So, my question is: How do I “start” over? Because… it is clearly that I wont be able to sell anything from now on. No quotes available for me to send… bad rating… nothing good at all! If someone knows “tips or tricks” that could help me and wants to share, I’ll be here to listen and glad to learn. Wish you all a beautiful day out there!

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