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How much have you earned in this running month?



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    • 0-$50
    • 50-$100
    • 100-$150
    • 150-$200
    • 200-$300
    • 300-$500
    • 500-$1000

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It’s always interesting to see how others are doing as we are always curious…

But how are YOU doing? I mean, compared to your own expectations and goals? Are you checking your analytics and seeing how your gigs are performing with respect to previous times of the year, or other years?

I think we’ve all seen ups and downs here. Take advantage of the ups to reinvest in your business, and make the most of the downs to use your time to have more ups, like upgrading your gigs. It’s a down month for me, for I am redoing images, working on new videos and making new sample voice over demos for the languages I work in…

I wish you all success and send sunshine from Cancun!


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I’m in the deep zeros, still trying to get my first order.

Don’t worry, it took me about a month to get my first gig. and then another two weeks t get a second one. You’ll laugh about it when you get your first $1000 order.

I wish you all success.

Cheers from Cancun!


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