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Few Problems I had with Fiverr (Probably Bugs)


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I had few problems with my gigs. I thought sharing these will help fiverr team to understand the probable bugs in their new version.

  1. My gig’s cover photo can only seen by me.

    I tried to put a cover photo and it was shown in my gig itself. But that can only seen by me. I asked few on my friends to see whether it’s nice? But none of them can see that. I attached a screenshot here.

    The gig which I’m havving problems is this : http://fiverr.com/logo_masterz/design-a-killer-eye-catching-logo-for-your-website-or-company

  2. My profile image is not shown in Forum.

    I tried to add the profile image in the Forum but it’s not displayed in my thumbnail. However when I click on that, it redirected me to my fiverr profile.

  3. Sometimes the time in the Manage Sales list shows a wrong time.

    When I click and go to the order, the time in it is different than the time shown in the manage sales page.

    There were many bugs which I can’t remember at the moment. I’ll update this time to time.
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Reply to @sinsin: I don’t know what the reason. Few days ago I got an email that they have rejected my gig cover. They have sent a list but I don’t know what the wrong with it according to the list. Below is what I got.


Hi logo_masterz,

Our community editors found that a cover photo you’ve added to the gig: “design a killer and professional vectorized LOGO” does not meet our content guidelines.

Cover photos are a great tool for enhancing buyers’ experience, but only if they are made using the highest quality, composition and color matching. Our community editors and designers only approve Cover Photos that meet those standards.

Common reasons why a Cover Photo may be rejected:

Cover photo is not a banner. Cover photos are meant to help you make your gig page look richer and more compelling.

You must own the copyrights of the uploaded photo. Photo must be taken by you, no stock photography please!

Image quality must be high. Make sure lighting is optimal and that your image is razor sharp.

Do not use the same image as any of your gig photos.

No stock photography please.

Photo subject must be related to your gig.

Image must be full frame, side to side (no white or other flat color backgrounds please).

Do not add text to your photo.

Each cover photo can be used for one Gig only.


The Fiverr Team.

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