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What is criteria of Buyer to accept a Seller Offer in various Seller Offers


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I think I deciphered what you’re asking.
I posted a few Buyer’s Requests last week as I wanted some work done. I chose to work with people who:

  1. Read my whole request and responded properly.
  2. Personalized their request. This means NOT a copy/paste template!
  3. Had competitive rates and delivery times
  4. Were polite.
  5. Didn’t beg for work!!!
  6. Had good gigs set up (pictures, descriptions, etc).
  7. Had a proper profile (if you use a fake pic, I just deleted your response).
  8. Didn’t respond via my inbox! Send your offer through buyers request! Actually- it’s cheating the system if you look up my username and send a direct message. It’s spam. It’s annoying. It should be reported.

Fortunately, once I went through those criteria, it was easy to choose who to work with.

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