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Finding Good Requests But Gigs Are Off

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The Situation

I’ve come across this several times but it didn’t occur to me till recent. Browsing SQ/BR (Send Quote/Buyers Request) to find promising posts has improved; however, the issue of selecting a promising gig could use some work. This isn’t in regard to wrong gigs being selected but about gig that don’t exist – stay with me here.

When browsing there are posts made that I can complete that fall into the same category as my gig.That said, the requested task calls for a gig that I don’t have. For example, creating a design piece with layers and transparencies but an illustration gig is all that’s available.

What I’ve been thinking is for instances like these, can we get a custom or miscellaneous gig option? Where if we see requests we can do but don’t have a designated gig we can just select the custom gig option and send in a personalized job quote without worry of getting overlooked.

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