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Fiverr should be consistent with currency in the buyer request section


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In the buyer request section, the budget shown for any request that has them are shown in the currency of the the member viewing the buyer requests, ie. the seller (for example in GBP if they are in the UK. The dollar amount is not shown), but if that member then clicks on a request to send an offer, the offer that person sends has to include the amount in dollars, yet they weren’t shown what the budget of the buyer was in dollars - only in their own currency (eg. GBP) - so that requires the seller to use other non-fiver stuff (eg. google) to do the currency conversions (eg. to send an offer within the buyer’s budget), unless they are memorized etc.

Suggestion: Either show just the dollar amount (the budget) for each buyer request that has a budget or, preferably, show both the dollar amount and the amount as converted to the currency of the seller for each buyer request that has a budget (you could also allow offers to be sent in the currency of the seller, but that would need fractional dollar amounts to be allowed to be offered).

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