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For all my problems...Fiverr is still in my head


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Starting March 2013 until July mid, was continues rough months for me as my only laptop crashed, ( the LCD is totally damaged and got 4 orders that time got no choice I need to cancel them and of course I´ve got bad feedback.Explained to buyers what happen and some understands me but still bad feedback remains but its alright.

Even had rough time, I still think about this website seriously and hows everyone going. July 11, 2013 my flight Philippines to Germany. Ive got my new laptop and I immediately signed in to my fiverr and activated my lip gig.Was so nice just two days I activated it someone ordered.Now still struggling trying to stand, was thinking what is something nice that will people like.Honestly no matter what, Fiverr stuck in my brain lol. Then now got the idea of sushigraphy where I write down letters on a sushi using sushi rolls then take photos.

For all who got a bit problem out there, just chill out.Things will be right as it goes…

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