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I have problem of sale in my gig


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This is the first time I use fiverr forum
sorry for my bad English

I have created my gig for almost 18 months and I made good results after a few months my gig was in the first page.
But 2 months ago and after the update that was done by fiverr my gig has undergone a great sales dummy and it is now ranked in page 12 (it has been classified for 2 days in page 10) I do not Does not know what the problem
Despite having posted my gig in social networks for a week but the problem still exists
Is there a problem in my gig?
How can I increase my sales?
How can I make my gig in the first pages?
thank you very much

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No new sale since 1 month only old satisfied buyers, Did everything nothing seems to be working i am not even there in search result, I have around 460 reviews all 5 stars 😃 still i am receiving 1-3 views daily on my gigs so i can’t complain to CS about this

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thank you for your reply
It is the same for me I have more than 240 positive reviews (4.9 *) and I receive only one order in 4 days for my old customers (Before the problem I receive on average one order per day)
I try to share on facebook and twitter but not new
I do not test yet The paid advertising on facebook is what it is benifique?

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