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Artist tricked me into hiring him by using other Artists work

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I employed an artist a while back to do some work for me. I based my decision to hire him solely on his portfolio which contained some really impressive artwork that matched the style I was looking for perfectly.

I wanted the artist to redraw a photo in the style of the images in his portfolio. His first drafts were awful, totally missed the mark and was of very poor quality. The scale was totally wrong, there were details missing and extra things put in, it was a total mess. I had to give him a written list of instructions to point out all of the errors and inaccuracies.

I have recently discovered that the images that he has in his portfolio are not his own work. He has taken some posters and edited out the text so they look like his work.

I am very disappointed and unhappy with the work he has done. I want to cancel the project because he is clearly unable to produce anything close to the standard of work shown in his portfolio. I am unsure how to go about this, should I confront him about the images in his portfolio and ask him to cancel or should I message fiverr directly?

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks for any help!

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