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Intentional Wrong Orders


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Today, I encountered a buyer who allegedly mistakenly ordered my gig for helping them setting up their new domain for blogger and weebly. Ok, so if ever you accidentally ordered a gig why the hell you will still activate it by submitting an information by writing “Sorry wrong order” ? if you are a real professional and not stupid enough then if you mistakenly ordered the gig you can leave it incomplete and contact seller to cancel the order then the seller wont have to suffer by having a negative feedback’s to their ratings… That is, if your intention is clean.

If a buyer mistakenly ordered your gig and still activate it then he or she is up to no good.

Some buyers abuse this feature and they want to smudge your good ratings you work hard a lot to achieved.;-(

I also write CS about this and they answered:


Yes, that is correct. Please understand that this is an automated process by our system. As previously mentioned, if the buyer has not responded with requirements (order is pending), then cancelling the order will have no effect on your ratio.


I know that but the buyer still write on the order page as SORRY WRONG ORDER. if they accidentally did that why they dont just leave it like that not submitting requirements. if they will write on the order page then the order will become active. They obviously did it for a reason and its not by accident. if they didn’t activate the order then the seller can easily cancel it without hurting our ratings. We sellers work hard a lot… i am a single mom and i value fiverr as being my main source of income. But as fiverr community keeps growing i hope the protection for sellers too.

I hope fiverr will improve in terms of protecting both sides “Buyer & Seller”. Both parties deserves equal rights in this community.

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Buyers do not know that cancellations negatively affect sellers. This is an issue that Fiverr should take care of. I would not blame the buyer. The “Requirements” is the next step that the buyer sees when placing the order. They may not know how else to get in contact with you. There should be a “Confirmation” button so the buyer could have backed out of the order. Instead they are pushed right through it. There is no “reason” behind it because they do not know that it becomes an issue for you.

AGAIN, buyers don’t know about Fiverr’s TERRIBLE policy of negatively affecting innocent sellers.

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Reply to @cheezees:

No, i don’t think it is accidental because the details is clearly state on the gig description. Buyer doesn’t read what they are buying?? NAH!

Some buyers abuse and there are some hacked accounts being used to buy gig and cancel, one popular is “fragglesrock”

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Guest matt_garry

I had someone ask me a for 2 minutes of music for $5. I told them sorry I charge $5 per 30 seconds.

she then orders my gig and says " I ordered you’re gig the song is more than 30 but any real song is…"

so that is someone who is seriously trying to bully me into doing free work. What happened to you was a mistake. When you order a gig it is not that obvious on how to cancel especially if you are new. Calm Down.

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