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If I made A website How to dilever it to a buyer?


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What do you mean? If you mean how to give the website to your buyer, well, it depends on what platform you built the website on.

For WordPress
Method 1 (Recommended): Upload and install the completed WordPress site on your buyer’s hosting account. Provide your buyer with the login details to their store.
Method 2: Provide a zip file for the website. Make sure to use a fresh wp-config.php that will take your buyer to WordPress’ 5 min setup page when they go to http://example.com/wp-admin/install.php when they uploaded it to the server. You do not need to provide a zip for MySQL database as doing so will cripple the WordPress setup.

For Shopify
If you are a Shopify Partner: You just need the buyer’s email and complete the transfer process in the partner dashboard. You do not need to delete your own account after then, Shopify automatically upgrades your account to Collaborator account after transfer.
If you are not a Shopify Partner: Collect the buyer’s email address and add them to store admin. Delete your own account and the Shopify store will be under the new admin account. NOTE: Remember to change store default email to your buyer’s email. Do not provide the login details of your own account as it is registered under your email.

Fiverr ONLY allow collection of personal information if you can prove that your Gig will not work without this information.

I hope these help.

Best wishes,

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