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If a potential buyer sends you an offer, don't assume it's SAFE


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Hey guys, there may have been other posts on this, but I’ve gotten several inbox messages that look somewhat realistic and could be tempting, but there is something wrong with these. BE CAREFUL, especially you new sellers who might be in a hurry if you get a message!

The messages have a few things in common:

*** They are from people who haven’t bought from me before**
*** They typically mention an offering price that sounds good**
*** They ask me to do what sound like simple steps to get started**
*** They ask me to send them a quote after I have logged in using a link they included**
*** The links they send me are usually shortened with google or bitly**

I can’t say that any message that fits this is a bad one, but be aware that it probably is NOT a real offer and NOT safe, so use caution! Don’t click on links that people send you if you haven’t worked with them before. Don’t do any tasks of any kind without an order already placed. If in doubt, politely ask them to place an order first and to send you any links in unshortened format after they order. If still in doubt, just reply “No thank you” and ignore them. If they seem persistent or you have proof something is wrong, click the report button and feel free to send a note to Customer Support.

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