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Unbelievable fiver Algorithm..............What happen Now

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Hello All my Fiver Friends and members.

I create my Profile in 2015 but i start work few months ago and i created a GIG.
3 to 4 months ago and got many orders more 250 with review and in same GIG.

Right now same GIG is not Good for me.
I did not change it same as it is only one negative review .Kindly check my GIG stats attachment and guide me please.


Do not tell following thing which i already using.

I am in social media.
I am using fiverr Forum.
I am using Buyer request option.

Kindly tell me where is the issue.
Please help me all.

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Fiverr will use this information to determine whether the service you’re offering is profitable to them.

If you were receiving 300 thousand views and only 200 orders, I’m not sure how Fiverr precives that.

Is that an attractive number to Fiverr?

I’d recommend updating your gig and trying to gain popularity in search.

Best of luck.

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All you will get is lots of guesses. No one on the forum actually knows the answer to this. You can read tons of threads lately about search and you will find that Fiverr has tweaked search several times in the past few months, but they have actually ALWAYS tweaked it. There was a time period for a while when I would say it was absolutely completely broken, but it’s really not anymore. Of course, they did add in the new Pro gigs and they now have wild variants in Featured gigs, so all of that plays some role. Search does basically work, though, since keywords do generally turn up more accurate results than not. Filters turn up more than 50% accurate results too, so I don’t think you could say that is totally broken either. Here are the a few important things to remember:

  • Search results ALWAYS vary, sometimes much more accurately and some much less
  • NO one who is not part of staff can really tell you how it works in any given hour
  • There are ALWAYS too many gigs to show in the top results, so not everyone is going to get have stats even most of the time
  • Better gigs with some good reviews will generally show up and get a little more attention than poor ones, but that’s NOT a guarantee
  • Outside promotion does help IF it’s targeted at the audience that needs your service, but if not, it may do nothing even if your impressions appear better
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