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I am back to fiverr after 2 months what should i do first now


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between 2 months , fiverr had been doing lots of things and improve many functions/features.
First of all, you should check these and have to understand properly.
2ndly, you should search simillar kinds of gig that you provide. and have to gather an idea for making your gigs neat and clean.
3rdly, send buyer request regularly. (its now called “send a qoute” )
4rth, try to provide a great service and will got your first review with a eye catching feedback.

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Don’t update any of your Gig which are getting impressions, views, and clicks.
Just update those which are not getting these.
It’s my experience.

Note: Before you update any of your gigs I suggest you take a screenshot of your gigs page and wait at least one week to see which gigs are going up and which are going down.

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