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Your English sentence structure leads me to believe that your native language is not English. This may cause English customers to hesitate when choosing to buy. The gigs you’ve listed will require writing. You can get someone to double check the sentence structure for you, but don’t let that become a problem when you start to complete an order.

You have opportunities when setting the gig up to show off your work. Pictures and video. Your gigs don’t show me what your work looks like.

I would focus on 1 gig and get it off the ground. Pick your strongest gig that really uses your unique skills. You will need to get 10 orders started from outside of Fiverr. Find some real people in your real world and get them to order your gig on Fiverr. People are nervous about be your first order. Getting 10 orders lined up with people you know will get some orders completed and also get you some good reviews. It will take about 100 deliveries on 1 gig offer to get your gig off the ground. Sometimes having your focus divided between 8 gigs can limit your ability to get orders going.

I would challenge you also to drop your prices just until you get the gigs off the ground. This will also help fuel the orders.

I discounted my first 100 orders from $25.00 to $5.00. This allowed me to do 100 orders in my first 60 days. I then moved my pricing and went on to do 2000 more orders at an average of $30.00 per order. Without the early discounts, I would have never got off the ground.

Good luck. You will be awesome. Hang in there.

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