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Posting a website design or revamp request


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I’m going through buyer requests section every day and often I see buyers posting “Please read carefully before bidding” and “Don’t bid if you’re not qualified”.
I get it, I really do. You’re receiving a lot of spam and ridiculous offers from scammers, but have you considered that one of the reasons you’re not getting serious offers may be your request?

There are plenty of posts in this forum about this, but after reading 30+ requests today I figured I’ll give it one more try. So here we go again:

  1. If you already have a website that you wish to redesign/revamp then start with your website address. We can’t make a realistic offer if we don’t know what kind of website you’re running. There’s a big difference whether you have a personal blog or an international eCommerce site. If you don’t let us scope your site then don’t be surprised if we change our price later.
  2. Give us design examples. Saying you need a modern, simple and effective design may mean completely different thing to us. Check out your competition, look around in template markets such as ThemeForest.com and send us 1-2 links to a website that you like. It will also give you an insight to what a template costs 😉
  3. If you need to fix something on your site then show it to us or at least describe it. Saying that there are some errors or you need help with SEO doesn’t really say much.
  4. Set a realistic budget. It’s Fiverr, but you won’t get a decent website for $5. If you don’t have more than $5 to start your online business, then most likely you’re not ready for it. $5 is worth a cup of coffee and a bagel. How many hours of work would you do for a cup of coffee?
  5. Wait at least 24 hours before you accept an offer. We aren’t online 24/7 so give us time to bid on your request. Usually the fastest replies are spam anyway.
  6. Pick out 2-3 candidates and get in touch with them. Don’t turn it into 100 question interview, but discuss your project with seller to make sure you both understand what it involves and how you can work together. You know, it’s not only about the quality and price, you also need to consider their communication skills. If someone is making you an offer that is too good to be true then in most cases it isn’t. If a seller is asking higher price than you expected then ask them to break it down for you.

If you’re a buyer and you aren’t getting serious offers then post your request here and we can tell you how you can improve it. You can’t escape from spam, but we might be able to help you get decent offers in between 😉

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