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Not wanting to sound like a real dawk here.. but can someone help me see


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I must be thick - I cannot - find the button on the new look fiverr to make a new gig!

Id really appreciate it if someone can direct me - i look and look and still cannot find it - only collections etc…

Secondly_ ill pay you to help me load an image to one of my new gis (made in the old interface) it keeps saying it is too small then it is too big… argh!!! please can a kind soul help a gal out here 😦

Also - I made it to level 1 finally!!! yay for me 🙂

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I know it took me awhile to find it at first too 🙂 You first need to click on Sales on the top of the page. Then on the right hand side, on the list of "Manage Sales, Analytics etc.

Under “Revenues” it says actions and there it is “Create Gig”.

Also are you sure you are using the right sized images, On V2 it is now 682 x 459. I have never had a problem using these sizes.

Btw congrats on getting to level 1 🙂

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