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Coolness: I achieve Level 2 only in 40 days, Read My Story How Fiverr Made My Day


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Hey Fiverr Buddies,

I am Rahul Raheja; Today I will share about my Fiverr journey; how I got Level 2 in a short period and how Fiverr made my Day with full to Joy and Happiness!
At the start it was not easy to get a good sell on Fiverr, I was not expecting quite bigger. It’s so hard to get my first sell; I did my best, stated with a proper planning and Let’s get started for my first GIG. I was down due to not getting the appropriate response.

But Real Turn Point of My life comes now:

It was my first order on Fiverr; I was very Happy and Motivated to get that order. I do my best and successfully delivered. The client was also very Happy from my service, and he gave me 100% rating. That was the turning point because after that I was getting n number of order.
After that, I completed 10-12 order within 8 days and My First Target was Achieved, i.e., Level 1. Now I planned to work for Level 2.

I was at the sound stage on Fiverr and getting the proper orders.I do my best and completed all orders on time.

Next Day when I wake up and open Fiverr, it was stunned to see that "Coolness You achieved Level 2."
I was quite Happy and surprised to see that I attain Level 2 in short period. Fiverr gives us 60 days to reach 50 orders but I achieved that goal in 40 days

I am very Thankful to Fiverr, Their founder and Their owner which provide me such a Great Platform.
This is only due to Fiverr that I have set-up my own business and have proper guidance.Just Because of Fiverr, I blessed with everything. My award is just because of Fiverr Team.

Really Hard Work is the key of success.😃

I appreciate that Fiverr made my Day and made me Self Dependent

At Last, I would Like to say" Thank You Fiverr I am grateful for the Great learning environment.👍"

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