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Need some advice on how to handle buyer request issue


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So I am still using buyer request to try and get to level 1. I have someone interested in having me voice their project, but they want a video sync. The video has no captions to guide the VO, and in just trying to assess the project I spent 20 minutes trying to align the script and time it to the images. I finally told the buyer that for this project the time involved would be significant, there are places where I would need to speak quickly and others where I would need to drag out the script, and this after assessing his project I would not be willing to do it for the price offerred ($20).

I instead offered a well paced read, but pointed out that the video sync would need to be done on his end. If not he would need to seek another VO seller. The project will require at least an hour of rehearsal before even attempting it, and I cannot spend that much time.

Now, the original request did say that the buyer would send the script and video, but not that I would need to sync. Lesson learned there that it should be implied.

Any advice on how I handled it so far? Is this going to hurt my rating? Do I need to take it on the chin this time?

I’ve read too many posts about buyers asking for much more than is reasonable for too little money. In this case, I think that with the addition of video sync, this is one of those cases.

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You can offer an extra gig for any new request he makes out of what was discussed and approved within the quote in the first place.

Sometimes it is hard to understand from the buyer’s side. Try to be as polite as you can and explain the situation.

Any new request means that it needs to purchase an extra gig or a new customer offer.

Doing extra work that´s demanding time might end up in late delivery or project extension.

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