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Eid mubarak everyone :d


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I guess most of the person here know what is “EID”(muslim/non muslim).

Eid is a great festival for the Muslims like us.

Alhamdullilah I enjoyed much today 😃

as I gave vacation mode to all my GIGS.

So just want to know how did you spent your EID DAY?



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EID mubarak bhaijaan! I really love eid… Actually but never got any chance to celebrate it with someone. I am just curious what happens in this great celebration. 😀

Paaji first of all we wake up at early morning, get ready and go for Eid prayer. Then we go to our relatives and friends and wish them a happy Eid. We also donate to poor people and elders give money to youngers it’s called “Eidi” but generally only kids and teens get Eidi and in some cases elders also get it. I was lucky to get 2600 rupees this Eid. 🙂

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