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A dedicated "SELLER'S REQUEST" section (to combat spam sellers)

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Why doesn’t anyone suggest this feature??? Is it too much to ask? … to keep buyer’s request section clean as well as to let seller’s promote themselves better???


posting “Buyer Requests = Seller’s spam” in ranting pots WON’T HELP.

Buyer’s section is getting worse by the day… being filled with seller’s spams more than buyer’s request… why??

because sellers don’t have any influential outlet to promote themselves except for that minuscule “MY fiverr gigs” section.

So even genuine sellers are forced to use the buyer’s request section in order to spread a word about themselves to buyers.

Fiverr is being impartial by not giving such a dedicated option to sellers and instead promoting more “buys” by handing sellers “post a request” option to other sellers…


Like this post up and let Fiverr know that sellers equally contribute to Fiverr’s platform so stop discriminating and start supporting…


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Is Fiverr.com not just one great big huge sellers’ request section, where we all post our gigs?

Sure it is… but why the heck many sellers are still striving to get orders despite making gigs??

(Counter question)

probably because there are more flexible options provided to buyers for reaching out to sellers … and NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

The search section doesn’t help. It tucks away all the new arrivals or less known sellers and feature only top sellers… thus giving more edge to sellers WHO DON’T ACTUALLY NEED TO PROMOTE THEMSELVES THAT MUCH

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