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Ignore Certain Buyer?


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Hi guys I am having a problem with a certain buyer.

First he asked me if I could offer him my gig cheaper so he could resell it on his website, I said no.

He then ordered my gig , I over delivered and completed everything of high quality as described in the gig.

He gave me my first negative review (which was completely unfair), I offered a mutual cancellation as I run a “satisfaction or money back” guarantee.

He said he would “decide later” if he would accept the cancellation. THEN HE ORDERED ANOTHER OF MY EXPRESS GIGs and entered the wrong instructions. I asked him to provide me with the right format, as described in the instructions…

I fear that if he will provide me with the right format (maybe after the first 24 hours to harm my express status) and I complete it he will simply leave a negative review more and expect a refund again to gain free backlinks OR TO HARM MY REPUTATION AS HE CLEARLY IS A COMPETITOR!

What can I do against this? Can I ignore the buyer or something?

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Yup…I am starting to see some of the more “savvy” buyers who know we are trying to protect a rating and are taking advantage. I told customer service today what a great job they did, on a technical glitch, that they were very responsive, and that they did a great job on the technical side.

I also made it clear that I also know I am not long for this place because it has become a project mill. It is interested in constant buying but not protecting the seller. I say this as a Level 1 Seller with a 100% rating so I am not whining about some bad bully that hurt my feelings. It’s just that I have been in business, doing what I do for almost 30 years and know this is not a sustainable model.

The creative side needs some protection, some support, or the level of creativity will indeed decrease and implode. Trust needs to work on both sides and right now, Fiverr has decided to get rich quick and think only of buyers. " Keep the money coming in! Who cares who’s bringing it in, just keep it coming!"

I am a couple orders away from being Level 2 and I could not care any less. Normally I would be psyched, be sharing it on Facebook and bringing others I know into Fiverr. The problem is, I know this model is about as stable as my neighbor’s back deck and while I really wish Fiverr would succeed, I can see it will not…at least not this way.

You can contact customer support all you want. You may even receive satisfaction over this one, particular issue. The fact is, it will be a Band-Aid on a horribly gaping wound that is bleeding out.

Believe it or not…I love this site, but I cannot believe the lack of support, arbitration or

lack of action on legitimate seller concerns, exhibited by the higher ups here at Fiverr. Very disappointing.

Sorry to go on, but I can see where you are coming from…unfortunately…I see where this will end up as well and it makes me sick.


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