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Buyer wants to trick me


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As many already know, there are buyers who try to play with the time and work of those who work in fiverr. I’m going to present my case today.

A buyer requests an order of a gig that I offer, in which I encourage people like making some extra money from home without much effort from a minimal investment. Using bitcoin mining, after I deliver the manual with all the specifications, this buyer will be in charge of reporting me to fiverr claiming that I am not doing the correct delivery of what I put on my gig.


Because of the behavior of this gentleman and received this warning of fiverr


Honestly I do not know what to do with this sham. I do not want to be banned. I already have time here, I am level 1 seller and have never had problems here. it is very unfair. That these types of people try to damage the reputations of serious sellers.

If someone can help me or tell me what I should do I would appreciate it

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