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A concern about "Buyer Request"


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I would like to say a warm welcome to every seller and every member of the fiverr community including officials as well! 🙂

I have just created my gig at fiverr, at this moment I am noticing that every seller would love to use “buyer request” feature. Maybe I am judging wrong but here is what concerns I wanted to see this great functionality to be even better for the good all of us!

Currently, there is no such option which let (A seller) to monitor new buyer requests that become available on time". I wish to spend my time reading the Fiverr blog and writing posts on this great forum, but if I do open up buyer request, then there is no way that I could do both activities.

What I meant to say that there should be an option to have some notification letting us know that we have new requests. E.g: - some sound alert or may be emailed alert or a pinned notification via a smartphone application.

What do you guys say? Isn’t what you do wish for?

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