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Hows it looking?


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Your gig is awesome!

Just a few very minor things I’ve picked up on:

  • Your pronoun usage is inconsistent between your bio and gig description (“I am passionate” vs. “Services We Provide”).
  • I think your gig title looks a bit awkward as each word is capitalised - just use lowercase
  • Your package offering doesn’t fully align with your package description. Under the “# of images” part, each package tier says “unlimited”, but in the descriptions above, you offer 15, 30 and 50 images respectively
  • For consistency, consider using bullets in the “why choose us” section, so that it aligns with “services we provide”
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Thanks for your feedback!

I shall definitely action these points!

One thing I am confused about, with the ‘# of images’ section, is this not just how many separate images I include with the 15, 30, 50? (it doesn’t give me any other option in the drop-down other than 1 - 10 images)


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