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Self Referral Program (not related to refering other sellers) Is this ok?


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I have had an idea for a very long time to do this on fiverr but I have never been able to tell if it was deemed ok or not. I know many have had the idea of a referral program in which you would refer your buyer to another seller on fiverr. This is not what I am talking about.

I have had the idea of once delivering to the buyer and asking them for feedback and or share like I usually do to also provide them with a referral code unique to each gig delivered. The buyer could then send someone to my gig and instruct them to insert the referral code I gave the initial buyer in the order instructions. Then once I see and match up the codes I offer a free gig extra to both the initial buyer and the new buyer.

My question is will this get me in trouble. I haven’t ever done this for fear of getting my level 2 taken but I would just like to have this clarified is it against the rules and if so why?

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