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How can i ban from fiverr?


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i mean for doing what i can ban from fiverr?

You need to read the terms of service:

favicon.icoFiverr.com fiverr-logo-new-green-9e65bddddfd33dfcf7e06fc1e51a5bc5.png

Fiverr's Terms of Service

One marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.

I think you may need to read up on third party violations. I’m not sure what Tinder tokens are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Tinder wouldn’t want them being sold! 😉

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Please give me some direction about to not banned from fiverr please

Don’t sell tokens… period.

Token are used for hacks, unwanted matches and many other illegal actions. And by selling them you are breaking the law, breaking tinder TOS, helping other to make fraudulent actions and making money selling people privacy.

This will get you account not only banned but also can be used legaly against you.

I hope this is answering your question.

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