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Buyer's Request Shopping Cart/Ranking Recommendation

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My name is Gina Riley and I am an avid buyer on 5r.

I just used the Buyer’s Request to purchased

~ 4 ~

voiceover gigs.

It was a hassle to make each purchase individually. If you can add a shopping cart feature to the bid, it would be very useful.

I am thinking a little shopping cart next to the green “Order Now” so I can add it; then order it all at once.

Also, right now we can only sort as indicated on #2. It would be more beneficial if there was a radio button in the offer itself with option to sort.

As an example: my budget is $40 but a seller who bid $60 has great gigs. I do not want to delete his gig but would like an option to sort it.

As an example,

  • Remove offer
  • Color Blue, Rank 1, etc.
  • Color Red, Rank 2, etc.

That way I can sort it better.

Any consideration would be highly appreciated.

Thank you/

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