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Active Order Should Have Minu Amount Option


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My Self @shahaan Shaukat and i am Level 2 and did almost 250 Jobs till now in one year. I know we have many Think Tanks on Fiverr forum but still i want to share something which i feel that it should be in the Site as there are 3 to 4 case i have gone through that i got a project with 5 to 6 points and i did almost 90% but there were one point which was undoable under those specific circumstances and i really wanted to give my client less in the price for what i couldn’t do for him as it can also save seller from negative reviews and clients will be more confident about FIVERR. So my Suggestion is that active Orders should have a “Minus amount” option as we have Extras in the Order which will help in following ways

1- less numbers of Order Cancellation
2- Seller can get amount even for what he did minimum for client
3- client don’t feel bad for paying more for less work and get trust worthy
4- Bonding can be increased between the sellers and buyers

Its just a Suggestion so if it is BAD for Fiverr then please ignore but you people Agree with me please give me thumbs up and Support me so that Fiverr Staff guy can see this

Shahaan Shaukat

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