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Let's LIMIT the response time for a Review!

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OK Mr. Fiverr;

I just got a positive review a ‘thumbs-up’ from a buyer…Pretty sweet, eh? Well, I always think so, and I work hard to get those…sacrificing my own time, earnings, and pride to keep a high rating.

However, in this case…the review was posted TODAY, for a gig completed over 3 months ago!

I cannot help bu think that this is a dangerous policy. Should the buyer go ballistic over a totally unrelated order some day, he could actually go back and Negative-rate his previous orders?

Please limit this function to a reasonable time limit.

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Guest cust0mcr3ationz

I got 2 reviews that were over a year old that the buyer gave me a thumbs up and a thanks. I guess they were happy but not ecstatic. I didn’t even have the gigs in service anymore…weird.

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Totally agree, take this scenario:
Here are the steps to get busted:

  1. You make a logo. Buyer like it.
  2. Doesn’t leave a feedback but admires in conversation and buys another gig after 30 days.
  3. Things go wrong in 2nd order
  4. He leaves -ive review for both of orders.

Thats not fair. There must be a time limit for the buyer to leave a review.

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