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Can't decide on something? Let Discobot help you!


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So I should start a new thread and there ask Diskobot fortune?

No 😐

You have to ask questions that require a YES or NO answer. Discobot only answers with YES, NO and sometimes “maybe”.

You can ask here, but ONLY after you read the first/topmost post of this thread.

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Jeez, guys, Discobot is being permissive and let’s us go beyond 500 😃 Zeeshan, we’re coming for you!

@miiila I almost forgot: we can still give likes after the thread closes 😂

@insects44 Discobot is a robot, an automated system, it cannot actually help you with any of your questions. This thread is for fun, because Discobot is known to give funny answers to questions that require a Yes or No response.

I also mentioned in my original post that people should not abuse it, so please don’t abuse the discoBOT 😉

He is ? We can ? 😺 !

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So no more phase 2 for now? 😛

:robot: says OOPS, I messed up and now the forum might crash and cities might crumble. Perhaps an @helpfulmod will fix it?

@helpfulmod fortune.

🔮 Yes, your wish is granted. If Woofy is crazy enough to start a part 2, go there.

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