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Hello Fiverr Community.

Have you ever dealt with a good seller that you want to promote? Do you have a gig that you had completed and you want people to vote and review your final product? If you message me with the information I will post it on my own personal site that highlights users experiences on here. You can post it here on the forum, however I don’t think names are allowed to be given out so feel free to inbox them to me so I can include that in my site. That way the user will get their recognition and will help them in google searches.

Have you had a bad experience? Have you had competitors purchase your gig so that they can only leave you negative feedback or because they are a competitor and want to damage your rankings and stats? Do you feel like calling out a member on here but cannot disclose the name? I’ve read a lot of horror stories to where fiverr has not justified what you felt like needing to be done and then not having an outlet to let other members know what is going on.

So I have decided to dedicate my time into sharing experiences (good and bad). If you message me screenshots, explanation of what happened as well as the gig url and the users name, I will have no problem exposing them on my site and highlighting the experience that you had. Maybe then when people start doing google searches on users names, they will then see stories about the buyer/seller and can know ahead of time if that’s something they are wanting to work with…

Also, helping expose bad members whose intentions are only to maliciously cause problems will be added to a blacklist as I know fiverr does not have one. Buyers know ahead of time what they are getting themselves into, whereas sellers have no clue. So I will also be having a blacklisted section which will let you know which buyers and sellers to stay away from. Don’t worry, people will not be innocently put up on there, it will have to be justified.

Maybe if we each put our knowledge and wealth of stories that can’t be posted here, then maybe a different site doing just that will help seriously buyers and sellers know who to stay away from.

Again, If you’d like to share your experience, good or bad then feel free to message me or post here in the forum. But keep in mind that users names cannot be posted.

Looking forward to starting to expose the good and the bad…

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